Lisa, 20, British, History student at Cardiff University , National Trust volunteer and Hufflepuff.
Things I like: Glee, Merlin, Doctor Who, Pillars of the Earth, Sherlock, the Tudors, Blades of Glory, Game of Thrones, Coupling (UK), Harry Potter, Up Pompeii, Bandom, Starkid, Chuck Palahniuk, Jane Austen, playing Trombone.

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Hi! I have been following your sebklaine fic on your other blog (Tin Dog Fic) since the beginning and I really loved it, but today when I accessed your blog I couldn't find anything. If you are not going to use it anymore, could you tell me where you will post the fic? I'd really like to keep reading it =) Thanks!

Hi! I’m sorry about that, my tumblr name is now b-ellatores, (that’s my username on A03) and you can find the fic both there and via the new and shiny masterpost on my new tumblr (: Thanks for reading!

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Hi guys, basically this isn;t going to be my main tumblr anymore, I’ve followed most of you on my other blog, where there will be glee/glee fanfiction, if you don;t want to see that you can blacklist my ‘my writing’ tag, but I hope to see some of you over there (:

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Just to be clear, I do often use “dude” as a “gender-neutral” term, especially when I’m excited, but if that ever makes you uncomfortable or you feel I’m not respecting your gender, you can tell me to stop because me getting to use a certain word is not even close to being as important as you being comfortable around me, okay?

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tothelemonadestand answered to your post:“Just a quick a possibly very stupid question, on AO3 is it normal to…”
Yea I usually subscribe to the really good one shots so that I’ll get informed if the author choses to make it a multi-chap :)

That makes sense, I should probably make it clearer when I’m completely done with a fic! Thanks for replying!

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Just a quick a possibly very stupid question, on AO3 is it normal to get subscriptions on a oneshot?